“Drea’s compassionate regard for her horses and for people creates the possibility of a dynamic relationship, one I call ‘relationship in movement.’

I watched and observed her creating that triad of partnership between herself, the horse and the client from the calm and centered place of connection to an active and engaged form of consensual leadership.

I find that her ability to coach the client and the horse from a place of ‘yin’ connection to ‘yang’ action is rare in the field of equine facilitated learning.

I will continue to refer clients to her and look forward to our co-creations in the future.”

Kathleen Barry-Ingram; MA Tucson, AZ

Founder of Sacred Space of Possibility and Co-Founder of the Epona Approach with Linda Kohanov

“Drea Bowen is a talented horsewoman and a gifted coach, helping people deepen their emotional wisdom through Equine-Facilitated Learning (EFL).

Her ability to connect with human and horse partners increases their confidence in themselves and each other!

Drea mixes fun and harmony with safety and structure, providing students with the tools needed for enhanced relationships.”

Leigh Shambo, MSW; Chehalis, WA

Founder of HEAL – Human Equine Alliance for Learning and Psychotherapy

“I understand that I have kept my spiritual self and physical self as separate as possible, but this weekend I learned that just going with my gut or letting my left brain take over was the cause of my second-guessing.

Drea, thank you for showing me how to meld that left and right brain, to start on the process of letting my thinking side more fully acknowledge the intuitive side without just giving over to it, but to understand the process so that I can feel at peace and have resonance!

This is going to help me so much in being able to communicate all this stuff I know intuitively.”

Karin Mahugh; Spokane, WA

“What an invigorating clinic! I’m still riding on all the emotions – I call it detoxing.

Thank you Barb and Drea, for the opportunity to experience your special gifts.

You have awakened my curiosity and awareness of self.

Happy trails!”

Betty Reichel; Olympia, WA

“Drea is a healer with a soft, flowing presence.

You touched my soul and reintroduced me to the woman I am. I am blessed and appreciate you.”


“I love working with you because I feel no judgement and feel the environment is very safe for me to be completely open and honest. You often hear what I am “not” saying.

Working together over the phone rather than face to face is actually easier than I thought it would be and I think it is in part, to due with a sliver of anonymity the distance does provide.”

Karen Kohm; Great Falls, MT

“I like your authenticity. You truly care about women, what they think, and how they treat and interact with other women. From the moment we connected I felt how much you cared. You have a kind, caring, warm sprit.

You hear and listen, really listen, and filter out all the noise I am telling to you and get to the root of the issues. You do all of this while working with me, not at me.

It’s a journey you go along with me to help me start down a path of self-discovery. It is much more than just listening.

You have a gift, you have found your true passion and I am so lucky to have found you to help me with my journey.”

Tami Kelly, Port Orchard, WA

“I was drawn to you because I’ve always wanted to do equine-facilitated learning, so horses appeal to me especially.

What I love about you is your enthusiasm and your openness. You don’t criticize or judge. You are present, but detached – in a good way! You are a great listener and you are extremely perceptive. You and the horses together are like magic.

I don’t know how you see so much in seemingly minor human-horse interactions, and then translate that into life-changing observations for the client. In my eyes, that is your most amazing gift.”

 Ashley Richter, LPN; Olympia, WA

“I have had the privilege of working with Drea Bergquist-Bowen in several contexts.

First, I came to know Drea as a person. She is a compassionate soul, a giving friend, a willing listener, and a lighthearted companion in life’s adventures.

Second, Drea is my co-learner. We were students together in the HEAL EFL Facilitator Training Course and I came to know her as an enthusiastic learner excited to add to her already significant set of skills. She has a natural intuition about working with horses and humans that gives her a remarkable ability to stay present, to offer suggestions for the next course of action, and to provide insights that move one forward in pursuit of balance and energy. Her contributions to our group were significant in pushing our thinking and helping us all stay focused.

Third, I know Drea as my teacher. At my equine center, Clover Haven, Drea provided a two-day workshop in which my partners and I grew enormously, and learned many valuable new ideas about working with horses. We were all changed. I noticed that my learning was visceral and ever so much more than just cognitive. I am different in the company of horses now because of her. I bring new insights to my work with clients because of her shared wisdom. We are all grateful to Drea about all she has given us and talk about our time with Drea frequently.

We look forward to our next opportunity to learn with her. ‘Up and light and forward!’ Thank you Drea!!”

Ruthi Davenport, Ph.D.; La Grande, OR

“I went to ‘Your Feminine Nature & Brilliant Horsemanship’ with Barb Apple and Drea Bowen with an open heart and mind, not sure what to expect. I knew I wanted a better relationship with my horse, I knew I wanted to gain practical and reproducible skills to improve how I handled groundwork and the riding of my horse partner, and I knew I wanted to address any emotionally derived fears interfering with my ability to communicate and effectively work with my horse.

That goal was met, but the gift of potential just kept blooming throughout the weekend way beyond my basic expectations as I journeyed with a diverse mix of women and horses absorbing many meaningful lessons taught by two uniquely alike yet different experts in horse/human relationships.

They played off each other nicely throughout the weekend while sharing their skills, education, knowledge and expansive experience in horse/human interaction and relationships. They had a knack for sharing from the heart and gently supported me and the women through a wonderful experience resulting in downed barriers, not only between us and the horses, but between us women as well.

It was a wonderful 3 day weekend. I walked away feeling like another layer of understanding had been peeled away to reveal more to me about the relationship I have with my treasured horse friend, and I felt I understood myself too just that much more. And I loved the new friendships I established with some very wonderful women!

I look forward to the next time…”

Lainey Downes; Everett, WA

“Life is so much richer when we take the time for personal growth and  most certainly for learning.

I greatly appreciated the expansiveness of you sharing and your ability to guide as all as we individually approached a collective knowledge and belief that horses heal.”

Shelly Cimon; La Grande, OR

“The ladies who came and told their stories to us were so wonderful. Sharing is one of the best “growth” techniques. Being open with each other helps get our stories out and less bothersome to us. This is important for me, as I tend to hold things in, so this was great!

I really liked the way you use your training and guidance with us, especially making a very safe environment for us to share, sense our feelings and thoughts, and ask questions.

On the third day, we were really making more powerful changes and focusing on how we can love ourselves more and more from our hearts. Of course, since we can’t live without horses, they are our litmus paper to continue to guide us and let us know how we are doing.


Kathy Lynn; ID

“Drea, thank you for modeling something I deeply believe in – that we can pursue knowledge forever and we can constantly expand our understanding and refine our intent.

I greatly appreciated your willingness to let everyone explore at their pace and not constantly interject. It says a lot about your core.

I went into this with no background of your work and no expectations.

I was blown away from the understanding and validation.

Thank you.”

Coaching Client; April 2011

“I am finding my path and I know that will bring joy and healing to others as well as me.

I am recognizing uncomfortable and comfortable feelings among different personalities and putting up boundaries when I am in an uncomfortable space, so that I remain true to me and continue to learn from the experience. I am finding the courage to honor encounters that are comfortable.”

Coaching Client; March 2011

“I was very anxious, and your support and reminders about keeping a good perspective helped me a ton. I was able to apply my new skills to a new situation and see it in a healthier way. It relieved so much of the anxiety.

I’m not finding the right words to explain it, but it was very comforting that you understood my anxiety and acted to help relieve it. It felt very loving.”

Coaching Client; September 2010

“I highly recommend Drea as a coach. She is amazingly gifted with insight, easily recognizing emotional patterns that we, as human beings, can become stuck in.

She has given me the tools and confidence I needed to overcome my fear and anxiety. I use these tools daily!”

Cheryl; March 2010, WA

“You have humbled me with your interest and caring. I think you are a fantastic coach who will lead people toward higher fulfillment in their lives.”

Traci; April 2011, OR 

“Everything I’m learning has made a huge difference for me in nursing! Had my first clinical day on Thursday, and that’s a pretty high anxiety thing for me and most of my classmates as well. It’s real patient care.

But I approached it all from my gut, knowing that I could handle whatever came my way that night. Even if it was terrible, I would do the right thing or find the right people to help. I had so much more fun, and I think learned more, too, because I wasn’t so freaked out.

I’m so very thankful to have met you at this time in my life, when I needed it most.

Thank you for everything you do.  I appreciate it more than you probably know.”

Coaching Client; October 2010

“Being coached by Drea and her amazing horses is absolutely life changing and fun! I have discovered this whole new happy, bright, dancing me!

Drea has given me the insights and necessary skills to recognize my fears and my fear responses. I have learned how to use fear and emotions for information.

Through all of this I have discovered or should I say, rediscovered myself! Drea has been a godsend for me!”


“When I had the opportunity to work with a horse, I appreciated Drea’s interjection of “don’t want it so badly;” a perfect cue. It made me realize that in longing for the mare to feel safe with me, and even though I was breathing slowly and grounding, my body was in a forward position – reaching for that strand of connection to her, too hard.

This was a good lesson in congruence – having all “parts” of the message I am sending portray the same story.

It was also another opportunity to put into check my impatience – an ongoing goal – so that I could allow the possibility of something to unfold more slowly.”