Inner Wisdom

Beauty’s Way

Paul Ferrini

Beauty’s way is simple and elegant.
Everything happens in its own time and place.
The river may overflow its banks
or it may shrink to a trickle.
Seasons of drought and high water are inevitable.
But sooner or later, the river will reach the sea.
The outcome is certain.

No matter how far we stray from our essential nature,

we will return to it.
Our moments of greatest ecstasy and peace
are found when we accept ourselves as we are.

In time, we learn to trust the river of life.
When we trust the river,
it carries us where we need to go.  


Being in nature is one of the greatest resources for helping us to feel grounded, at peace and inspired.

The nature of life on and of the river is one place in nature that really speaks to my soul.  The river is a powerful symbol of nature – sometimes quiet and graceful and sometimes it is immense and powerful. To me it symbolizes freedom, strength, peace, beauty, balance, and purpose. I see the river as a metaphor for life – to know your purpose (the river’s purpose is to flow toward the ocean – imagine being that clear about your purpose), to trust that you will find the flow that is aligned with your true nature (water is so powerful at quietly-over time carving out the path to keep moving on it’s journey no matter what gets in the way – that  determination is exactly what it takes for us to keep moving forward toward our dreams and goals), and to know that no matter what life challenges you with, you can always find your way back to the flow of living your purpose (mother nature challenges the river with floods, drought, damns, and man’s interference and it adapts over and over again – we have similar challenges in our human life and we can learn emotional flexibility and adaptability so we can move through the challenges with ease and grace).

Picture what it would be like to live your life in the natural flow of what is true and right for you. Out of the ‘Should Do Fast Lane’ and onto the path of experiencing your life’s journey, one moment at a time, staying present to your emotions and feeling confident in your ability to not get stuck or to get unstuck from the challenges that are an inevitable part of life. Trusting that you can integrate back into the purposeful flow of your right life.

You feel safe in your ability to stay grounded and to grow your roots deep into the earth, to feel nurtured and connected by your ability to stay clear and focused, without self judgement, even in the midst of great challenges.

You are living whole-hearted, vulnerable and real in your relationship with yourself and others because you know that there is no “good enough” you are trying to measure up to. You are authentically expressing your creativity and love and acceptance of yourself and as a result you are able to experience a sense of peace and joy and to more deeply love others.

Your faith in something bigger than yourself sustains you, feeds your soul, gives you hope and strength to live courageously. Your connection to a higher power lifts you up and carries you not only when life is challenging but reminding you of your purpose, to keep going, to be of service, to shine your light so others can do the same. Living from this place you start the business you have been dreaming of, you take your current business to the next level with focus and confidence, you begin uniquely expressing yourself in all areas of your life, you are confident and comfortable being who you are in your relationships, you really KNOW your purpose and how you live your life expresses it.

There is so much pain caused by living a life that is not our own – trying to live up to other’s expectation and expecting perfection from ourselves for example – and it often manifests in depression, anxiety, control, health issues, substance abuse, unhealthy relationships, business failure, repeating the same patterns, and joyless life.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

I know first hand all about the struggles, challenges, and gifts of painful personal circumstances, being a wife, mother, employee, business owner, I have been there too.  Mentoring and coaching women to bring their inner wisdom and unique self expression to their life-business-money is my calling. It is what I am here to do and I am passionate about it. It works that way when we are living true to our natural gifts. If I were to be granted one wish that would be of service to others it would be this: that every woman who is stuck in old patterns that are affecting her ability to live her right life would find the courage to reach out, to find her tribe, to feel felt and understood so she could begin to truly love and respect herself and her unique gifts, so she could begin walking her path with clear and focused intention…so that she could understand that hope for any kind of change – personal or professional – starts with “20 seconds of insane courage” to be like the river and return to her essential nature.

I take on a limited number of individual coaching clients each month based on my schedule and I would love to hear from you. Whether you are coming out of a life tsunami, finding your house/life empty after the kids have moved away, looking for support to create your thriving dream business, or you are entering into your Wisdom Years and want the support to do this stage of life, your brilliant way…

When you are ready – I can help you get clear on where you are, focus on what you want to do, keep you accountable for staying on course, and celebrate every win, every challenge, every moment with you on your journey! I am all about helping you to really know what your heart’s desire is, to know and trust your instinct and intuition, and to learn how to stay curious about your self and present to your emotions. I know first hand that learning to live within this framework is what changes everything. It did for me and I know it will for you too.

All It Takes is “20 Seconds of Insane Courage” to Start on YOUR Path Back to What is Most Important for You.

If you feel a connection, a resonance with me as you go through my website… call me, text me, email me, before the 21st second chimes and are you are back into your conditioned way of thinking about what is possible for your life.

You can work with me in one of several ways: one on one and group coaching, coaching with the wisdom of the horses at my ranch or a workshop or retreat I am offering, individual coaching incorporating your own horse to assist your self discovery, and I also work with horse owners to create a heart based connection through Relationship First Liberty Horsemanship.

Contact me right now.

Let’s do a 30 minute “Discover You” consultation to see if now is your time and we are a good fit.

Twenty Seconds of Insane Courage to start the path back to YOU, Your Dreams, Your Goals, Your Health, Your LIFE…