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Drea Will Move Your Audience In Such A Profound Way They Will Come Back Again And Again Just To Hear Her Speak

People are drawn to the sense of safety and acceptance they feel in Drea’s presence. She’s a down-to earth, everyday kind of woman who people can relate to. She walks her walk and talks her talk. She truly understands the realities that women are challenged with – she’s faced many of the same trials in her own life as a daughter, woman, wife, mother, employee, and a business owner. Her message is one of love, trust, and empowerment based on authentic relationship with self first. She’s passionate about inspiring women with hope and a sensible path for creating a brilliant life from the inside out.

Hundreds of People Have Been Moved By Her Work.

Here’s what Drea Will Teach Your Audience..


  • Feel a connection to the power of Intuition and be confident that trusting intuition is not “woo woo,” but instead, hard wired biology.
  • Increase awareness of how pervasive and powerful their Negative Self- Talk has been, and learn practical real-life ways to stop that cycle of self sabotage.
  • Learn how to embody and employ the Power and Freedom of Healthy Boundaries – without losing relationships that matter most.
  • Leave with a new acceptance and belief in who they are – what’s uniquely, quirky, funny, brilliant, amazing, exactly right, about who they are right now.
  • Take a realistic look at the motivation behind their “Should Do” List so they can differentiate between the Things they Really Want or Must Do, And How to Kindly And Lovingly Say NO to Everything Else.
  • Be inspired to open a New Chapter of Awareness, Self Acceptance, Authentic Relationships and Feeling Perfectly Good Enough!
  • Learn How to and why quieting their reactive story telling ‘Left Brain’ allows response and trust to the Intuitive Right Brain, which creates unique self expression.
  • Absolutely understand how to start the process of building a meaningful, kind, accepting, relationship with the self first. It really is true that you can’t give what you don’t do for yourself.

Your Audience Will Experience MONEY BREAKTHROUGHS!

  • They will understand from a personal level how their patterns got them into debt and feel fully capable to take the Three “Must Do” Steps To Get Out of Debt for good!
  • They will learn the secrets to healing their money relationship so they create a clear plan for reaching their life, career, and business goals.
  • They will understand how their Money is a metaphor for their self esteem and feel empowered to improve both their net worth and their self worth?
  • They will leave knowing what their Money Type is: Love, Value, Status, Recognition, or Security and what the challenges and gifts are for their unique money type.
  • They will start the process of changing their money legacy with 10 Powerful yet Simple Steps To Clean Up Their Money Clutter.


  • Be inspired by understanding the science behind social bonding and how it applies to creating their dream connection with their horses.
  • Feel validated as they learn the demystifying reasons why women feel so drawn to horses and how to make it stronger than they ever imagined!
  • Learn how to stay in alignment with their heart and soul by making the relationship transition with their horse from “make you” to “together.”
  • Explore BOUNDARIES, Boundaries, boundaries….What do they know? Why does it matter? How can it change their life? What gets in their way to consistent loving enforcement?
  • Learn how to balance Being with Doing, how to move from the male leadership paradigm of “making it happen” to a feminine “collaborative” leadership paradigm – this is where the Magic of Relationship happens!

Hold A Revolutionary Workshop/Event/Retreat That Speaks to Your Audience,
Have Drea Speak About:

  • Connecting With Your Inner Wild Woman And Move Beyond Chasing Perfection – There’s a time and place when we start to hear the voice from within quietly reminding us of who we are and what we’re uniquely on this earth to be and do. The pain of chasing approval and perfection and playing small has pulled you way off course. Reconnect with your inner wild woman, she knows the way back to you living Your Unique Life.
  • Women Over 45 – Stages…Changes…BRILLIANCE! – The stages in a women’s life prepare her for opening her heart and soul to her wisdom years where her creative brilliance will define her purpose. Discover what you’re to do at this most sacred stage of your life.
  • Breaking Through Money Barriers To Create Business Brilliance – Your business brilliance does not rest solely on the numbers in your profit and loss report. Get ready to break through old money patterns that are holding you back from skyrocketing your business success.
  • Healing Your Money Legacy And Cleaning Up Your Money Clutter Improves Your Self Worth So You Can Increase Your Net Worth -  Your relationship with how you do money comes from your past and someone else’s ideas about how to do money. Create a money breakthrough in your life by healing your money legacy and defining your new personal money power statement. *Note: This is a non equine 1-2 day workshop.
  • Turning 9 Essential Beliefs Into Action For Creating Wild Success In Your Business or Career Through The Wisdom And Grace of Horses -  Create a Courageous Foundation for your business or career success by learning how to make and sustain the shifts laid out in Drea’s Wild Success Handbook. Increase awareness of how your thoughts influence your words and actions, step up to take absolute personal responsibility for where you are and where you want to go, permanently re-frame how you see failure, and so much more. Are you ready to let go of your current paradigm and create the Wild Success of your dreams?
  • Getting R.E.A.L. With Horsewomen – 4 Strategies That Will Validate What You Feel In Your Heart About Creating The Bond Of A Lifetime With Your Horse - Learn why it’s essential to balance the masculine way of “doing” horsemanship skills with the sacred feminine power of “being” in connection, collaborating, and honoring your intuition.
  • Scary Mare or Sacred Mare? Exploring The Parallel Journey of Women And Mares And Reigniting Your Natural Feminine Power And Wisdom – Mares like women face prejudice, being misunderstood, negative connotation, and sometimes – mistreatment. Horsewoman or not, mares hold ancient wisdom that remind us of the power of feminine connection, trusting our “knowing,” living in every moment, collaboration, nurturing, importance of girlfriends, and how crystal clear boundaries create peace not separation. Explore the lessons in the Scary part….it is largely misunderstanding and some biology.

All of Dreas workshops are customizable and can be tailored to your unique group or audience. Drea can host your group at her ranch in Washington and can travel across the United States and Europe to appropriate venues. Drea can work with you to determine the topic, format, and length of the event that best meets your  requirements.

All of Drea’s topics are available with equine facilitated experiential learning unless noted below. Equine facilitated learning events have a classroom component and a horse work component each day. Please contact Drea for specifics on space required.


Drea Bergquist-Bowen, BCC, is the founder of Heart of the Herd Ranch in Silverdale, WA, and a board certified life and business coach as well as an expert horsewoman. Drea is known nationally and internationally as a speaker, coach, workshop and retreat facilitator, for her gift in guiding women to reconnect with their true nature and to begin to live a whole-hearted, authentic life. Drea’s brilliance shines in supporting horse and human partnership together in a powerful, breakthrough process that allows both beings to move beyond experiences, limiting beliefs and patterns to open the door for meaningful and sustainable personal and professional change and growth.



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