Are You A Woman Over 40 Who Has Reached A Pivotal Point in Your Personal or Professional Life Where You Are Yearning to Be on A Path of Living a Life That Reflects your Values, What Is Really Important to YOU, instead of the Overwhelm, Loneliness, Checking off Your Should Do List and Never Feeling Good Enough Way You Life Your Life Now? Are You Missing the Joy of Living YOUR Life? Are You Longing to Feel Peace Within Yourself About Who You Are?
Coaching with with Drea, a board certified coach, certified HEAL (Human Equine Alliance for Learning) coach, and certified money breakthrough coach, through one on one coaching, intensives, workshops, and retreats with and without horses is unlike anything you have experienced to date. She guarantees it with a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied!
“Drea has an extraordinary gift of providing the space for those she works with to feel safe and supported enough to explore life beyond the walls, pretenses, and defensiveness of a conditioned, should do life. It is through authentic relationship that we are able to begin shifting towards confidently creating our lives as a reflection of our unique life expression.”
If you are looking for support and inspiration for creating the ‘ Next Chapter’  in your life’s journey to be more in line with the dreams, goals, and values that are connected to who you really are, it all comes down to the one thing I am most passionate about. It is the one thing that has changed my life and allowed me to move forward in my life and with my business. It is the one thing that will change every aspect of your life from your willingness to follow your dreams, your ability to be heart centered with the people who are most important in your life, and your ability to know, without question, who you are on this earth to be, and it is the place where science and spirit come together to inform us about what is possible and I am here to tell you that the possibilities are endless when we get right with this one thing!

How you are in Relationship with Yourself will determine

Who You Are in Every aspect of your life.

It is indisputable!


When you begin knowing, liking, loving, and trusting yourself, you move forward authentically creating the life, career, love, parenting, income, and dreams that are based on your values and heart’s desire as a unique individual.
The Science of change and living a unique soul led life is clear and so exciting for people ready to shift: will power and self discipline are not what motivates lasting meaningful change – self acceptance and self compassion do, we cannot be ourselves by ourselves – what has been hurt or damaged in relationship must be healed in relationship (this is why non relationship self help (books, dvds) cannot be the foundation for change and growth.
I work with clients in one of three areas of experiential personal/professional growth and self discovery and all are based in healing the relationship with self. Improving this foundation relationship is the holy grail to creating the life you were born to live.

Virtual Coaching:

I work with clients by phone one on one and in groups and teleseminars. This is a great place to start. The time and place flexibility make it accessible to everyone.

Experiential Learning with Horses

Horses are powerful present facilitators for helping us experience authentic relationship and for giving us a place to try on our authenticity in a safe environment with immediate feedback that we can work with. I work with horses and humans in this way one on one, in workshops and in retreats at my ranch with my horses in Washington and I travel to appropriate venues to offer these programs.

Relationship First thru Liberty Horsemanship

Horse owners who are seeking the opportunity to build a deep social bond with their horse will not only discover so much about themselves – which is always the key to opening to the possibility,  but also about what is truly possible for relationship with your horse from a heart space, with mutual connection, respect, understanding and communication. The relationship you dream about with your horse isn’t about getting better with “the tools” or checking off the list of steps for a method. It is about learning how to be present, how to improve your timing and feel by trusting your instinct and intuition, by understanding the horse behaviorally so you can have a clear line between your human thinking and projection and what is truly happening in your relationship.